IChatMsgInfoBuilder::SetQuotePosition does not allow setting text style

In Meeting SDK 5.16.0, a new method was introduced for sending messages, supposedly allowing us to send bold, italic, and colorful texts by setting their rich text properties. The IChatMsgInfoBuilder class has methods for setting the text content, setting the receiver, and so on.

The documentation suggests that the method “SetQuotePosition” should be used to set rich text properties within a specific character position range (it’s stated there: “Set the chat message content quote style and position.”). Unfortunately, this method does not allow you to specify the style, as it only has two parameters to define the position (positionStart: The segment start position; positionEnd: The segment end position).

How can we manage to send rich text chat messages using the Meeting SDK?

SDK documentation for IChatMsgInfoBuilder::SetQuotePosition

Hi @chunsiong.zoom,
Can you help me on this issue?
Many thanks

@precisao ,

i’ve just checked out the changelog. It seems there is only specific features which was rolled out

Added a new interface to support new meeting chat with sending quoted messages and receiving messages with rich text style.

Sending quoted message
Receiving message with rich text style.

You might not be able to send quoted message with additional styling

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