Iframe not working

Hello Developer Team of Zoom ,
I need to join meeting from our website but it need not connect. I am using the Zend framework.
Here I use iframe but it does not work.
The code that I used :

Can you please give me a solution how I will be integrate this in my website??? Thanks in advance

Hi, @sanchari.de,

Thank you for posting in Zoom Developer Forum. Web SDK (1.9.1) does not officially support embedding Zoom into Iframe. Good news, we’re planning to release a more customizable Web SDK soon. Stay updated here: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/changelog

To that end, it can be accomplished with the use of complex custom CSS and page styling, but it’s unadvised. Down below are some Developer forum posts which provides some more in-depth detail of what the implementation may look like:

Alternatively, to achieve the user experience you are envisioning, our new Video SDK allows you to build highly customized user interfaces along with access to raw video and audio data. You will need a separate email account to get started, as no other Zoom services can reside on it. You can sign up for a new Video SDK account here. Please note, 10,000 mins/month are free and the plans are pay as they go.

Please let me know if this helps.


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