Immersive mode un-mirrors video for host and all participants

Zoom Apps Configuration
React with Backend Service ZoomSdk version 0.16.6 installed via npm GitHub - zoom/appssdk: Build Apps that run in the Zoom Client

I’m building a feature using immersive mode and seeing some odd behavior when it comes to the host and participant video. When the host initiates immersive mode in our app, their video becomes un-mirrored. While that may make some sense, because the host is using the app and the immersive video is drawing the participant/host videos, there is something super weird happening for others on the call.

When immersive view is initiated, everyone one else on the call will see their video flip. These are participants that do not have the app installed, much less have immersive view enabled. In other words, the host action of turning on immersive view changes the mirrored state of everyone on the call and how they view their video.

This feels like a possible bug in the zoom client since a host interacting with an app is overriding the video settings of participants on their own clients.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior.

  • Start a call as a host and invite at least one participant
  • Use an app with immersive mode (simple app that just draws the videos). The participant should not have the app installed
  • Have the host start immersive mode, only the host will see the immersive mode canvas. The host will see their video un-mirror
  • The participant, who doesn’t have the app installed, will see their video un-mirror as well.
  • End immersive mode, video is reverted back to normal for both host and participants.

@Robert.Wallis @dean.collins for suggestions.

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Hi @pranav.katariya,

This issue is preventing us from releasing immersive mode in our app. Do you have any updates for us? Thanks!

@brad.bicknell I was able to reproduce this issue except I’m seeing the participant is placed in a circle as well. I’m reaching out to our engineering team to see if this is expected behavior.

I’ll let you know when I hear back from them.