In Event API documentation , there is api for retrive event registrants. but i can't find api to connect registants to an event.

In the Event API documentation, there is api for retrieving event registrants. but I can’t find API to connect registrants to an account is not paid

Hello everyone. We are trying to connect Zoom Events to a product in our store. Can anyone help us find the API to connect the members who purchase the product on our store, to match the registrants on the Zoom Event that we created?

We have found the API to retrieve the event registrants, but we cannot find the other API.

Any recommendations will be appreciated :pray:

Hi @bitcointaf
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
Are you looking for meeting events?

Hey @vincy
What kind of event are you looking for? Meeting events?

It seems that the Event API documentation does provide an API for retrieving event registrants, but it might not include an API specifically for connecting registrants to an event. It’s possible that the ability to connect registrants to an event might be a Bitcoin feature limited to paid accounts. You could consider upgrading your account or reaching out to the support team for further clarification on this matter.