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We have a client that sells cookware via dealers, and these dealers (retailers) have consultants and customers. They organize shows/dinners where a dealer or consultant goes into a home and prepares dinner for the host and the host’s guests and then sells cookware. With the current situation, they are using zoom to host virtual shows. The dealers and consultants use a website we built for our client to manage these shows and sales and to manage their consultants and customers and keep track of their organization. These dealers are in several different countries.

Our client would like the dealers to be able to perform the following activities directly in the website without having to go into their Zoom account:

  1. List all his/her Zoom meetings.
  2. Select a meeting and view the participants/attendees.
  3. With a click of a button import these participants/attendees as potential customers into the website so they can keep track of the whole process.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
I have done some research on the API and Web SDK, but I’m confused on the part that states that we need an app in order to be able to use it. Can I use OAuth directly from the website and invoke your API in order to perform the activities listed before? If not OAuth, what type would you recommend or is this possible at all?

Hey @gmedina1

Thanks for posting on the Zoom Devforum! I am still learning, but I will try my best to help answer your question. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the suggestions, but those threads did not answer my question. Our needs are quite different.

I forgot to add that each dealer has his/her own independent Zoom account, they are not using our client’s Zoom account, so we will have to request each dealer to give us access (if I understood correctly).

Hi @gmedina1,

Thanks for reaching out about this and for spelling out your use case. Happy to help point you in the right direction!

To that end, I should note that if you will need access to users/video participants who will be outside of your own Zoom account, you will need to use our OAuth authentication type to authenticate any calls to our APIs—whether that’s scheduling a meeting on someone’s behalf, updating a user outside your account, etc. You can find the details necessary to create an OAuth app for this purpose here. Our APIs would be used to handle pre- and post- meeting actions (create meeting, update meeting, etc.)

Regarding actually embedding the video experience, you will need to use our Web SDK to implement a Zoom meeting experience on your site.

To handle each of these requirements:

List all his/her Zoom meetings.

This can be done via our List Meetings API endpoint.

Select a meeting and view the participants/attendees.

This would be handled via the Web SDK.

With a click of a button import these participants/attendees as potential customers into the website so they can keep track of the whole process.

For this, you could require registration for your meetings and leverage our Add Registrants API.

I hope this info is helpful!



thank you so much for the information. So, in summary, I can invoke your API’s from my website, which is what we need as we do not have an APP.

Also, I see that there are several Webhooks that we could leverage, so the question is the same…can we use these webhooks to send data into our website after a given event is trigger on your side? We’re a little confused as the documentation refers to an APP and the APP Marketplace.


Hey @gmedina1,

Happy to clarify, I realize the word “app” can be a bit misleading. To clarify, you will need to create an app under your account in order to generate API credentials, with which you’ll authenticate you API requests.

To authenticate calls to the APIs I’ve referenced here, you can create either a JWT app or OAuth App under your account. Both of these will generate credentials to call our API. If you will be creating these meetings under your own account, you can use JWT app to generate your credentials.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

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