Integrating IM chat just like official Zoom application using Zoom SDK

I am trying to create an application in which I want to have chat just like the Zoom Application. I have checked the Zoom SDK but it does not provide any functionality related to chat.

I just wanted to ask if there is any other Zoom SDK which I should use to create chatting feature like Zoom Application? Or should I just create a chatting interface of my own, and if yes then how can I use Zoom Users with in my own chat.

And thanks for a such beautiful product guys.

Sorry, Zoom iOS SDK did not include IM chat function. iOS SDK just wrapped Zoom meeting function.

So the best bet is to create the chatting module on our own?

and will I have to manage all the zoom users in the application by myself in the Chatting module?

Yes, I think so.

Ok Thank you very much.

Closing as solved.