Integrating zoom API in PHP


Hello Support,

I am using Adobe connect for user meetings.Now I want to integrate Zoom.

Before my query, I want to share what is currently integrated on my site. so you an reply me what am exactly expecting from Zoom.

Site Admin can only add or create meetings. while creating meeting admin enters meeting time and first meeting date and those meetings are shown on site front end. This meeting will run after 15 days on same time entered by admin.

When a user registers on site, we ask him to which meeting or group he wants to join. If he is first member of any group than system makes him host of the meeting and rest other members who will join that meeting or group will be participants of that meeting.

So my queries are:

Q1) Can I achieve the same thing in Zoom.

Q2) In APIs, a user can create a meeting and that will be the host, but in my case admin should create all meetings. How can it be happen using Zoom.

Please reply my queries ASAP.

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Hi Saurabh, 

Thanks for you’re interest in integrating Zoom. Yes you can achieve this using Zoom’s v2 API for creating meetings.



Hello team, thank you for helping us out even in this pandemics,
I am working a Code Igniter project for a online class and i wanna add online class from zoom. The github link you have given seems to be for npm packages. How can i add zoom on php framework such as code igniter. Is there a package i can install using a composer or some embedable js code. It would be great help for me. thank you

Hey @sabin.analogue51,

I suggest using the CDN version of the Web SDK.


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