Integrating Zoom into my web app

I’d like to integrate Zoom into my web app developed in Javascript/Jquery/PHP/Mysql. Looking at all the integration options, I’m not 100% sure of the best way to do it, but I’ve got a plan below that I would appreciate feedback on.

The app has an event section where an administrator can set up meeting dates. I’d like to give them the option of making the event a Zoom video conference.

  1. First of all I need to get a Zoom developer key for my account
  2. I only want one ‘user’ - my application - is that ok?
  3. When an administrator creates a new Zoom event, I’d use the /meetings endpoint together with a generated JWT token to schedule a new Zoom event - and let it generate it’s own meeting ID and url.
  4. The meeting url would then be available to the other members, both in the app itself and in the reminder email that is automatically sent.
  5. On the day and time of the meeting, they’d click on the meeting url and be able video chat with the other members.
  6. I’m assuming that if they have the Zoom app installed on their PC or phone, clicking on the url would run the app?
  7. What happens if they don’t have the app installed and they click on the url?

Does this seem reasonable?

I also thought about running the video inside the app - that would be where I could use the Zoom Web Client, right?

Appreciate if you can point out any flaws in this approach and/or suggest betters ways.

I think best is using Web SDK, because your platform is web.

The event creation is all server-side and that needs to be done whatever the event, so it seems easier to me to just check if it is a Zoom event, and if it is to use the API to create the event. What I’m not sure of though is if I can do this with a single account/user.

Hey @tommy.tomato,

Not sure what you mean.


They are prompted to download it.

If you want to run the Zoom meetings in your website, use the Web SDK.