Integrating zoom web sdk breaks existing bootstrap features.?


I am trying to integrate zoom web sdk in my angular application. I integrated it using CDN method. After integration, the existing styles/bootstrap features are not working. Modal popups are not working. What will be the cause of this issue?

Hey @punya.pradeep94,

Please see the Angular Sample App here:

Make sure your bootstrap styles are imported after the sdk styles.


What about when the integration is via NPM, @tommy?

I took that other way and i have the same issue and @punya.pradeep94
Integration with my current theme (on Angular 9) is not good at all, it causes quite important visual interferences on both directions (my page built over BS 4 gets affected and Zoom UI as well).

Is it currently impossible to coexist or integrate webSDKK on an existing project built over Bootstrap 4, for example?

On the other hand, some other js error are prompted on the console but that is secondary at this point for me cause may be related to this attempt of integration.

Are there any rules about the isolation of the SDK that must be in consideration or is currently not possible such integrations, such us with existing project with newer BS versions than 3.1.1 ?

Thanks a lot!
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@tommy, The solutions does not seem to be working.

@desarrollos.nit I am still facing the issues like yours. I have no idea how to resolve this issue. After integrating Zoom Web SDK, the scroll effect is also not working.

@tommy, Could you please suggest some solution ?


Hey @desarrollos.nit, @punya.pradeep94,

The Web SDK does not play well with custom styling. It was designed to be a standalone page.

Your best bet is to host it on a seperate isolated path or sub domain that does not affect your sites CSS.

Utilize the leaveUrl to navigate back to your main web app after the meeting ends.

There will be a No-UI Web SDK in the future.


Thanks @tommy!
That would the way meanwhile you release a new version which isolates, makes it fully responsive, etc. as i’ve seen in other posts you’re working on and i suscribed to just to be updated.

Thanks again.


I created a standalone angular application for zoom, then embedded that in my existing angular application using iframe. On leaving the meeting , i want to navigate to my parent angular application. Is it possible?


Hey @desarrollos.nit,

Happy to help! Yes we are working on a more customizable Web SDK. :slight_smile:


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Hey @punya.pradeep94,

You can also checkout the Angular Sample App here:

After meeting you can navigate to parent app via the leaveUrl.