Internal server error on revoking access token for user authorised Oauth

Hi Zoom,
We are trying to revoke an access token for a user authorized oauth app and getting an “Internal server error”. As per my observation that happens with expired access_tokens. I want to know, does this happens when we use any expired access token?
API endpoint :
OAuth for user authorized apps

Hi @recoverlution
Thanks for reaching out.
Let me do some testing on my end and I will get back to you but with the scenario you are describing I would say yes. An expired acess_token can give you an error when revoking access token.
But let me troubleshoot this on my end and I will get back to you

I’m experiencing the same thing and would add that in this situation /revoke is giving me a 200 but with this response body,

{"status":false,"errorCode":-1,"errorMessage":"500 Internal Server Error","result":null}

Hi @lgould
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Can you please make sure that you are using a valid access token and that it’s not expired?

Sorry should’ve been more clear, this is a situation where I know that I’m sending a invalid access token but I think the response could be improved. Returning a 200 in this case rather than say a 400 since the error message of 500 Internal Server Error in the body doesn’t make it clear whether or not I made a mistake or if something is just wrong with the server.

Thanks for the clarification @lgould
I will go ahead and do some testing on my end and update the Documentation team about this matter

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