Invalid Signature with Sample Web App


Hi guys,

Hopefully it’s the right place. I’m getting the following error regarding an ‘Invalid Signature’:

method: “join”,
status: false, errorCode: 1,
errorMessage: “Invalid signature.”,
result: null

I had cloned and followed the instructions to npm install and npm start after setting in the code to my JWT key and secret from the develop page.

Anyone has any ideas or suggestions so for me to get this working?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @chee,

We have received this request, and I will be responding to it soon.



Hi @Ojus,

It has been a while. Any ideas yet? Thanks.



Apologies for the delayed response.

Does your meeting ID contain any - ? If yes, I would recommend removing it and trying again.

Please let me know if that doesn’t resolve your issue.



Hi @Ojus,

That’s ok.

There are no - just a string and number for the fields name and meeting number.

Here’s a screenshot:

To be sure I’ve done the following:
I’ve copy paste both the key and secret and made sure i had no pre or trailing whitespaces
I’ve tried again just to be sure and I am still receiving the same error about an invalid signature. This happens for both CDN and Local version of the code.
I’m using version version 1.3.8 of

Could the issue be due to date used for the signature generation?

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance!


Have you solved this problem? I met the same problem.


@Ojus Hi, I met the same problem. This is my code:

So, I think maybe the example is wrong.


Nope, haven’t solved the problem. I’ve read else where it might be the date used for the signature generation . . .Might be worth exploring. Good luck!


Hi @chee,

What is the meeting number that you are using?



Hi @Michael_Purnell,

It’s 123. I’ve tried other combinations of numbers before but I would still receive the same error.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @chee,

You will need to input an actual Zoom meeting number. Please create a meeting within your Zoom account then use that meeting number within the Web SDK.



Thanks Michael for pointing it out. It works.

epic face palm moment.

Is there a way for me to close this or mark as resolved?

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Hi @chee,

No worries, we’re glad that you’re able to get it working. No need to close it out.

Let us know if you have anymore questions.