Invalid TLS certificate

A few weeks ago we setup a webhook to capture Zoom events and were able to verify and test it with no issue. However, this past week we update the certificates as they were about to expire and we stopped receiving events. We’ve tried to validate the endpoint but now every time we get a Invalid TLS certificate when we try to validate. Nothing has change on the endpoint and rolling back the certificate restores functionality. At the same time CURL/multiple devices can all see the endpoint and show it as having a valid certificate. I’m unsure as how to debug the issue further as the certificate shows valid everywhere else.

It seems we were improperly installed the certificate chain and while the certificate was fine we couldn’t validate the chain. This wasn’t apparent as no other application was reporting this issue (we assume because they didn’t need the intermediate/chain for validation). We diagnosed with
So all good here!

@Phobia , so happy everything is resolved now. Thanks for sharing what you needed to do!