Invite private chatbot into meeting

I have just have installed a chatbot with “Test the App Locally” function. I can see the chatbot in chat and it’s working but is it also possible to invite this chatbot into a meeting or do I have to make it public by submitting it to the marketplace?

Chatbots are not (virtual users || service users) that can be invited into meetings in that manner, and publishing the app to Marketplace will not alter the aforementioned statement.

What is the goal please?
Perhaps we can find an alternative solution.

I want to interact with chatbot in a Meeting. Is this possible?

How precisely please? What are each of the use cases you are trying to solve for please?

You can include an Event Subscription feature on your chatbot app that can listen for particular events to occur within a meeting, and it can react accordingly:

Usecase is that users in a Meeting are able to send slash commands to a chatbot and interact with this bot.

Hey @oliver.webb,

Please see this feature request here:


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