Ios & Android sdk support flutter or not?

I want to develop my app with flutter, so I want to now whether it’s valid integration both ios and android sdk?
Is there any sample code ?


Hi guan_bj,

Thanks for the post. Currently we do not have enough demand for Flutter support. I will pass this as a feature request to our engineering team and we will look into the possibility of supporting this in the future.


Here is a POC we did, welcome any contributions to make it a plugin.


Thanks @kevinbayes! :slight_smile:

Please develop a flutter plugin.

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Hi shahar,

Thanks for the reply. Currently we have very limited resources on this so we are not able to deliver a Flutter plugin at the moment. I will forward this as a feature request to our engineering team.


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thanks carson, I will try flutter

Thanks @guan_bj,

You can try the flutter plugin developed by @kevinbayes mentioned above.


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Yes please do, the more people we get using the plugin means we perhaps could spend time polishing it up.

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Indeed! :slight_smile:


Flutter official support will be a great thing if Zoom team start considering it

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Hi dahabit,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. We are collecting the demands and once we have enough demands and bandwidth, we will look into the support of Flutter. I will forward your request to the engineering team.


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Hello @Carson_Chen

Thank you for replay, Flutter start to be the First and the best Cross-platform mobile development choice, I have to big VOIP projects need to develop and supporting Flutter will make Zoom my first choice


Hi ahabit,

Thanks for the reply and the information. It is very useful. I will forward them to the engineering team, currently we do not have enough bandwidth to develop a Flutter SDK, I try to push on this once we have the bandwidth.


You can just go for the native SDK and use it with flutter right?

Hi edmbn,

Thanks for the post and for sharing the link. Yes, even though we do not have an official support version of Flutter SDK, but it is possible to write a Flutter SDK using the native SDKs.


Any doubt in integrating zoom’s native SDK

visit this

Hi vivekyadav,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK and thanks for sharing the video. :slight_smile:

If it helps we have upgraded our SDK in our flutter zoom plugin. We are also looking into web support and adding start meeting. We only add features when we need it as a company but welcome feature requests or pull requests.

Thanks for sharing this. Happy Zooming!