Is there any support for flutter

I want to build my app in flutter so is the SDK support flutter?

Hey @kamal1, duplicate post:


I am kicking off this, as we have a need for zoom in a flutter application. First version will be rough as it will just suite our needs, but happy to send open it up after that.

Hey @kevinbayes, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

I will pass this as a feature request to our engineering team and we will look into the possibility of supporting this in the future.


That would be great. The only thing I am struggling with is including the zoom sdk for ios.

I have tried a few iterations but when I run the example app in flutter the init of the mobileRTC always fails to load resources resulting in a NSInvalidArgumentException NSBundle initWithURL exception.

Has anyone on your team tested adding the ios SDK to a flutter plugin

Just an update, I integrated zoom into a flutter plugin for iOS and Android, android was great, iOS always makes me upset. Ill post a link to the POC here when 100% working, I won’t have time to polish it.

Hey @kevinbayes,

Glad to hear Android worked great!

Thanks, looking forward to the POC.


Its ugly for now, but it works.

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That’s great! Thank you for your contribution!