iOS doxygen generated documentation linking to no longer existing files

Hi, I’ve been trying to use as a reference while using the Zoom SDK however I am having a hard time doing so because all of the links forward to a github 404 page.

for instance the link at the bottom of iOS API: <MobileRTCMeetingServiceDelegate> Protocol Reference

is this something that can be fixed?

Hi Lonnie,

The iOS Reference can be found at

I believe the one you are using currently is outdated now.


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Hey @Lonnie,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

@alexmayo’s link is correct. Thank you for providing that @alexmayo :slight_smile:



Is the old documentation and iOS SDK repo available anywhere? It looks like it contained demo code for creating custom UI but the new one does not.

Hi @Lonnie,

The documentation for implementing a custom meeting UI can be found here.