Is it possible for members to retrieve one of their own meeting's recording's settings?


Hi, I am trying to use Zoom Api in my web application.

I would like the users to retrieve and update one of their own meeting’s recording’s settings.

If users having owner or admin role make GET or PUT requests to the url below,

they can retrieve or update the settings.

But if users having member role make the same requests, they only get the response.

“code”: 200,
“message”: “No permission.”

I finally knew that these APIs need “recording:read/write” and members cannot have them. And I also would not like members to retrieve other users’ recordings and these settings in the same account.

Is there any way for members to retrieve and update only their own meeting’s recording’s settings via API?


Hi @Bonoriri,

Let me take a further look at why the error is returning No permission and I’ll follow back with you as soon as possible.



Hi, @Michael_Purnell,

Thank you for your reply.
I’m waiting for your following back.