Is it possible to Authentication windows sdk using username/password?

I am trying to logging into demo app with zoom credential username/password but it is failing please let me know is this possible ?
I created jwt token after entering app token nothing is happening
I have used C# wrapper as well.
Which version?

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Hi @mammuvicky,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. It is possible to login with username/password when doing the user authentication. However, you will need to pass the SDK authentication before doing the user authentication. The JWT token that the SDK is expecting is a JWT token that is generated by the SDK key/secret, not the token that is retrieved from the Marketplace. Please refer to the instruction here to generate the JWT token:


Thanks for the quick response. One more question on this… Is it possible to control mute/unmute mic and video from windows app ?

You can login directly with credentials with:

LoginParam4Email emailParam = new LoginParam4Email();
emailParam.bRememberMe = false;
emailParam.userName = "Your email here";
emailParam.password = "Your password here";
LoginParam param = new LoginParam();
param.loginType = LoginType.LoginType_Email;
param.emailLogin = emailParam;
SDKError sdkErr = CZoomSDKeDotNetWrap.Instance.GetAuthServiceWrap().Login(param);

You can mute/unmute your mic after joining a meeting by using the Audio Controller and UserId 0:

SDKError sdkErr = CZoomSDKeDotNetWrap.Instance.GetMeetingServiceWrap().GetMeetingAudioController.MuteAudio(0, true); //Or false

You can mute/unmute your video after joining a meeting by using the Video Controller:

// To unmute your video
SDKError sdkErr = CZoomSDKeDotNetWrap.Instance.GetMeetingServiceWrap().GetMeetingVideoController.UnmuteVideo();
// To mute your video
SDKError sdkErr = CZoomSDKeDotNetWrap.Instance.GetMeetingServiceWrap().GetMeetingVideoController.MuteVideo();

Thanks for your reply It worked!. My requirement is to control the Zoom meeting which is already running and with my apps I should be able to control the user by mute/unmute. Is it possible ?

Hi @mammuvicky,

If you are the host/co-host of the meeting, you could use the following interface to control mute/unmute


Let me clarify what is the ask we have here.

  1. We are able to control audio/video via sdk to sdk zoom instance and not the one which is installed in the system via zoom installer. My question is still the same with this sdk can we control the zoom instances and its features? if so how can or which method we should use to connect to zoom installed instance or any meeting originated from installed version rather than sdk version.

Hi @mammuvicky,

Thanks for the reply. You cannot control the Zoom client programmatically. The only thing you could do is to use the SDK to join a meeting that all other participants are using the Zoom client, and if you are the host, you will be able to control other participants’ audio/video programmatically since it is a request from the host.