Is it possible to completely disable recording in a meeting we create?

Our company has an Oauth Zoom app, and we use the create meeting endpoint (POST /users/{user_id}/meetings)

Is it possible to set a flag on these meetings which completely prevents them from being recorded by any user? One of our customers wants to prevent both hosts and guests from recording the meetings created in our app. Both local and cloud recording needs to be blocked.

I tried setting auto_recording to none as mentioned here: Allow recording by user and meeting - #2 by will.zoom

But the record button is still available in the meeting. I think this setting only applies to automatic recording creation.

I see there is a showRecordFunction option for the web sdk: Block recording my meetings in Web SDK

Is something like that available via Oauth app API?

Hey @basic,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. The recording feature is enabled at the Account or User settings level. Try using the Update User Settings API or the Update Account Settings API to set this:



Thanks so much! That answers my question. I was hoping there was some way to disable it only for particular meetings, but this works for us right now.

Glad Max was able to help!