Is it possible to increase the Meeting Create/Update API limit for one user?

I’m running a meeting which requires many rapid changes in breakout-room configuration. Currently, I do this automatically by changing the pre-assigned breakout rooms with the Zoom API, but the rate limit specifically on meeting updates means it can only be changed 100 times in a day. While we may only need around 50 real changes, it would be easy for a mistake or some extra updates to cause us to run into the rate limit. Can I get an increase in this rate limit, even if temporary, for just my account?

As documented, I’m hitting a 429 rate limit exceeded after 100 requests in a day.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
I’m using OAuth

Which Endpoint/s?

Additional context
My Zoom account is part of an Enterprise license, if that matters. I’m running this meeting on Thursday (August 5th), so I would need a solution before then for it to be directly useful. We have a few workarounds so we aren’t relying on being able to issue more than 100 requests per day.

Hi @tchajed,

It sounds like you’re referring to the limit of 100 meetings per day (applies to create/update/delete requests), which is applied on a user level, is that right?

Assuming this is the case, I should clarify that this is a limitation instituted across all Zoom accounts globally—regardless of plan—so I’m afraid there’s no way for us to raise this limit. While I realize this is not the answer you were hoping to hear, the workaround would be to continue to create/update/delete meetings under another user under your account.


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