API daily rate limit of Meeting Create

We as an educational entity, we have 220 licenses and once a month we create around 5000 courses (meetings) with a bot, today when trying to create the meetings for the next month the error of limit of 100 requirements per day appears, something change in the configuration or am I doing something wrong? In any case, how do you explain that if I have the necessary licenses I cannot create the meetings that I need to publish ?

code: 429, You have exceeded the daily rate limit (100) of Meeting Create/Update API requests permitted for this particular user. You may resume these requests at GMT 00:00:0

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

Hi @jorfigue,

Thanks for reaching out about this. I should clarify that this limit is placed on a user level for all Zoom accounts, regardless of the number of licenses. Let me know if this post helps to clarify:


Hi @will.zoom ,

We’ve been hearing this from a lot of different organizations and users. Is there some way to diagnose how a user’s limit has been reached? It’s clear that the Zoom API thinks that a user has hit the limit, but can we request a log of the actions that used up the available quota?

My concern is that the quota is being used up unexpectedly.

  1. Do Create/Update/Delete requests via the web UI count against the quota? (my hope is No, my guess is Yes)
  2. Do Create/Update/Delete requests via the Google Calendar integration count against the quota? (my hope is No, my guess is Yes)
  3. Do Create/Update/Delete requests via the Zoom desktop client count against the quota? (my hope is No, my guess is Yes)
  4. Do Create/Update/Delete requests via the Zoom mobile app count against the quota? (my hope is No, my guess is Yes)
  5. Is the quota for a user shared by any JWT and OAuth applications? (my guess is Yes)
  6. Do all of these services operate efficiently? By this, I mean: do they only use up 1 “change” for each action. (my concern is that No, some of these use up multiple actions by doing a create and then an update)
  7. Is there anything else that I should be asking about here?

Hi @Jonathan_Champ,

One way to help track these requests is via Operation Logs:

Regarding your specific questions:

  1. Yes, all create/update/delete requests for a user count towards their daily 100 limit whether through the UI or API
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Yes
  5. Yes
  6. Yes
  7. To summarize, all actions of create/modify/delete on behalf of a user profile, regardless of medium, will count toward this 100 daily limit.

Let me know if there are additional questions about this.


Hi @will.zoom ,

I’m looking at the Operation Logs right now, but it doesn’t show any information about Meetings changes of any kind. Is there somewhere else I should be looking?

Hey @Jonathan_Champ,

I don’t think we have a report that will show why a user is hitting rate limits but Will might be able to provide more insight here.

If you submit a ticket, I’m happy to look into a specific account and provide tips on what is causing rate limits and how you can diagnose it from your end. For the most part, it would involve checking call logs when you’re seeing these 429 errors to see what the user agent making the CRUD meeting requests is.

You may see the user agent is specific to an integration or to your own apps.

Let me know if that helps.


Hi @MaxM ,

Thank you, the API logs were somewhat helpful even if I can only see about 10 minutes of data during working hours.

I can now confirm that the Zoom for GSuite calendar integration uses 2 Create/Update/Delete meeting requests for every created meeting. :sob: The “Create” sets the meeting topic to “This is a calendar meeting” and the event date to Jan 1, 2099. If you’re lucky, an “Update” runs later that sets the topic to the calendar event title. I have several users with a bunch of “This is a calendar meeting” Zoom meetings, so I don’t know where that disconnect is coming from. :expressionless:

It would definitely be helpful to have some indication about which App was responsible for those API logs without checking them individually, but at least now I feel less concerned that someone is doing something inappropriate.

Hey @Jonathan_Champ,

I’m glad that helped. If you’re seeing issues with the Google Calendar app, feel free to submit a ticket at developersupport@zoom.us. I’ll take a look and reach out to our team to see if we can reduce the calls that are being made and resolve any other issues with the event title that you’re seeing.


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