Is there a way to get the International numbers URL for a meeting?

When I create a meeting with the API that is “both” for Audio, I get a list of phone numbers back in the global_dial_in_numbers array. What I’m wondering is if there’s a way to get the URL for all the numbers.

When a Zoom meeting was created with the Zoom plugin in Outlook, there’s a URL that read “International numbers” and points to “Zoom International Dial-in Numbers - Zoom”.

I don’t see anything in the create response with that URL. I’m wondering if there’s any way to either retrieve it or construct it?

Retrieve is obviously better as it doesn’t involve reverse-engineering the URL. But it looks like the URL is constructed from our Zoom domain and an Id (User Id???). If there is a way to reliably construct it, I’d consider it but only if it would work for all Zoom customers as I’m at an ISV that builds a product that integrates with Zoom and many different Zoom customers can use it.

Still no responses on this? Anyone know how to get the URL that returns the international phone numbers?

When I created a meeting in Outlook, it add the link Zoom International Dial-in Numbers - that points to Zoom International Dial-in Numbers - Zoom.

I’m hoping to get the same value when creating a meeting from the API. Not sure if that value is specific to the User or the Meeting but I haven’t found anything in the documentation that looks like it.

I’m having a bit of an issue experimenting as the Zoom login I use for development is a free user. I get the value when creating from Outlook using a paid user.

I found this thread which is closed – How could I get local numbers link from create meetings API? - #5 by mt_dev

@will.zoom commented last stating that the URL in his follow up can be used. I’ve found the problem with that URL is that it only works when logged into zoom. When not logged in, you don’t get any numbers, jsut checkboxes on various countries. The URL you get in the invite such as Zoom International Dial-in Numbers - Zoom works when not logged into Zoom. That’s the URL that’s really needed from the API.

Still haven’t gotten an answer to this one. When I create a meeting with the Outlook plugin, I get an “International Numbers” link that points to Zoom International Dial-in Numbers - Zoom That link then forwards to Zoom International Dial-in Numbers - Zoom which provides the phone numbers even when not logged into Zoom.

Is there anything in the API to get the URL that “International Numbers” URL that always work is what I’m trying to figure out.

@tommy Any insight on this one? I haven’t found anything that gets the phone number URL. I would think it would be accessible from the API.