Is there any way to let me know attendee's camera and headsets work correctly?

We’d like to program a funcion or a separated App to check every attendee’s devices work correctly.
For example, stream the video data to a face recognition API.
Or, to check the bandwidth of Audio and Video, see if the bandwidth is more than zero.

Is there any way to check the bandwidth? Or is it possible to return the result of Audio test in setting?

Hi dawson,

Thanks for the post. I will consult the engineers and get back to you.


Hi dawson,

I have consulted our engineers regarding your use case. Our SDK does not support the feature that you are looking for. You might need to use Windows API or other tools to do this. The closest feature would be knowing the status of the audio/video/share data, you can find it in Setting -> Statistics -> Audio/Video/Screen Sharing, and the corresponding SDK interface is: IStatisticSettingContext.Query***StatisticInfo().

Hope this helps. Thanks!