Is this possible with any of the zoom API's?

Looking for suggestions if any of the zoom API’s offer this type of functionality:

I want to essentially output an iFrame, DIV or sometype of element container that displays maybe the top 3-5 active participants in a zoom meeting. Most likely these 3-5 active participants are currently the active or most active members of the meeting.

Then I can position this container element anywhere on my webpage that fits the design… For example see this mock up:

Hey @jeremysh,

If you have the dashboard feature enabled, you can use the Retrieve meeting participants API to get participants for a live meeting, which includes certain participant attributes:

While this endpoint doesn’t specifically have an ‘activity level’ attribute that is returned, you may be able to use some combination of these properties to achieve a similar goal:

Although this isn’t exactly what you referenced, I hope this might be helpful!


Thanks, if I can get past the invalid signature I hope to test this soon.

@jeremysh if you still need additional help with your signature, I’ll keep an eye out here:


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