Is this possible with Zoom Apps, SDK, and APIs?

I’m a new developer (on my journey to be self taught) - I’m working on a side project and want to leverage Zoom to build an educational experience for people in my meetings.

I’ve created a Zoom App in the marketplace (unpublished) and I’ve configured a web app in local so I can now see my web app when the app is installed and a meeting is ongoing.

Can someone tell me if these features are possible to build, before I start hitting my head against the wall, using Zoom APIs & the SDK:

  • Give attendees in my Zoom meetings a random virtual background (1 of 3, with breakout rooms being 3 people) when a breakout meeting begins (Zoom API)
  • Add Messaging in the web app that chnages when it detects the attendee is in a Zoom breakout meeting (breakout started or not) (Zoom API)
    -Add an on-screen timer when a breakout room starts, and end the breakout rooms when time runs out (Zoom API)

As a side note, I’d be thrilled to connect with someone who is an expert in Zoom APIs and building experiences using them for Zoom Apps (I could use a consultant…).