Join Meeting Failed or the Signature has expired


From time to time we have the errors “Join Meeting Failed” or “The signature has expired”

When the users try to join the room, we get the following error message

  1. errorCode: 200
  2. reason: “Fail to join the meeting.”

Our joining code lines are the following:

const config = {
sdkKey: Config.get().zoomSDK.KEY,
signature: data.signature,
meetingNumber: data.meeting.zoomId,
password: data.meeting.zoomPwd,
userName: data.userDisplayName

  console.log("Zoom Config", config);


We’re using the web SDK version 2.13

Our code to generate the signature on serverSide (is generated to each user just before joining each meeting) is the following:

private static long ToEpoch(DateTime value) => (value.Ticks - 621355968000000000) / (10000 * 1000);

public static string GetSignature(long meetingNumber, string sdkKey, string sdkSecret)
var now = DateTime.UtcNow;
int roleId = 1;
var iat = ToEpoch(now);
var exp = ToEpoch(now.AddDays(1));
var payload = new Dictionary<string, object>()
{ “appKey”, sdkKey },
{ “sdkKey”, sdkKey },
{ “mn”, meetingNumber },
{ “role”, roleId },
{ “iat”, iat },
{ “exp”, exp },
{ “tokenExp”, exp },
return Jose.JWT.Encode(payload, Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(sdkSecret), JwsAlgorithm.HS256);

Could you help us ??

Hi @efren ,

There are several possible root causes. Can you please search the SDK section of the forum to help isolate your issue? Some examples below:

Hi @gianni.zoom ,

We are still having the same issue “Signature expired” several times a day.

I opened the following post in the past but without results:

In that post a partner of zoom tell us that the way of generate the signature seems right.

What we can do ? Is there any logs or something to check ?


Hi @efren , in that post, one of our Developer Advocates suggested the following, but you you did not respond:

Did you apply those suggestions? Additionally, please continue to follow up in that thread with the results of your testing and respond to my colleague. I am going to close this duplicate post.