Join_url maximum length?

Does anyone know the maximum length of a join_url? I cannot find it listed here. I am looking to tuck this away in a db for internal reminders but cannot find how large it would have to be.


Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum — great question. It is my understanding that the length of the Join URL is relevant to what you’ve configured for your account. This is likely why the maximum length of a join_ur is not listed. For example, if you set Vanity URL, custom URL, for your company the length would be contingent on the entered URL. For reference, you can check out the Support article on this topic:

Guidelines for Vanity URL requests

Getting started with associated domains

Let me know if you have further questions about this.

Okay, fair enough there. Really the question is the query parameters passed in. We have ‘tk’ and ‘pwd’ being passed in along with the url. I am assuming these are a token and password. Can we assume these will be the same length (at least within a character or two) in all join_url links? And are there ever more than these two parameters included?

if these two are the only two and they stay the same size, than this would be easy to calculate.