Join Zoom meeting not working in our Mobile app integrated sdk

Meeting not starting in our zoom android sdk integrated application. While launching preparing meeting screen appear for few second then that screen automatically disappearing.

Android Meeting SDK version:
we are using npm package “@mokriya/react-native-zoom-us-bridge” for react native app


This problem occurred seen from this month. Earlier same integration working properly.
We checked with all android version and various device , same problem we found.

can any one help us on this issue?

@avinash.moharil ,

Are you trying to integrate our React Native Video SDK? We do not currently have a React Native Meeting SDK, so if you are using an open source library you may have to reach out to the creator.

Hello Donte.Zoom,

Ok, not a problem. Now we are using zoom android sdk for join meeting, but after set upping and set SDK token , its giving error and not getting meeting screen.

You can check details of this problem using below thread.

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