Meeting SDK Stuck in connecting to meeting screen when non-host leaves 5.16.x Android

We are trying to upgrade to the latest version of the zoom SDK for Android, but we noticed two regressions from the previous versions that seem like they are something we cannot fix on our end. We are using the following react-native bindings library with no custom UI functionality, just the standard UI. When a non-host leaves the meeting via the leave meeting button we noticed that the zoom sdk switches to the connecting to meeting screen and gets stuck there. The only way to get out of it is to close and restart the app. Since we aren’t overriding any leave meeting behaviors, and there are no errors being logged, it feels like there was a bug introduced to the SDK in 5.16.x because it works fine on 5.15.x.

Also, we noticed a broken layout for the waiting room screen.

@will.wilkinson the specific library which you have shared is a 3rd party project and is react native on Meeting SDK is not officially supported by Zoom.

You might want to reach out to the publisher regarding this.

@chunsiong.zoom This isn’t an issue with the library. This is an issue with the SDK as I am also a contributor to the library and the one responsible for upgrading it’s usage of the Android SDK to 5.16 I have a high degree of certainty that it’s not us.

@will.wilkinson ,

Without the react-native library, are you able to replicate this issue? If yes, please let me know the steps to replicate and the expected behavior.