jQuery + Bootstrap Dependencies

Im integrating the Web SDK into an existing React-based web project. I’ve noticed that the SDK depends on React, which is good since that’s one fewer dependency I need to include in the build. However, I see that the SDK also depends on jQuery. Using jQuery to manipulate the DOM runs counter to the React paradigm, and add a relatively large and (to the rest of the app) unneeded dependency.

Additionally, I see that the included CSS is the entire Bootstrap 3 CSS file. While I appreciate that Bootstrap is a convenient styling framework, it contains many overrides (such as font size/color, list resets, etc.) that severely interfere with our existing styles (which is based on Tailwind). I can imagine this would be an issue with any site using either a different framework than or a highly customized version of Bootstrap.

Does your team have any plans to shed the legacy dependencies of jQuery and Bootstrap? Much of the functionality jQuery provides should be handled by React and vanilla JS, and it would be nice to get a limited scope of the styles needed (especially since the user isn’t allowed to customize the actual controls).

Hi @sdenardi,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes our current Web SDK does have dependencies on React, jquery, bootstrap. Our team is looking to remove all dependencies and have our WebSDK written in pure javascript. We have no timeline of when this will be available at this time but you can keep an eye out on our change log page to stay up to date of when it may be available.


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