JWT apps to be deprecated in favor of Server-to-Server OAuth

@elisa.zoom I’m using the following endpoint to get the token: https://zoom.us/oauth/token?grant_type=client_credentials&account_id={account}

Hi @cesar1 could you please try changing the grant_type to account_credentials instead of client_credentials.

So your request should look something like this


Let me know if this helps

That works. For some reason yesterday that one didn’t work and that’s why I change it, but now is working. Thank you very much for your help @elisa.zoom

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Happy to hear that worked! @cesar1

Hi everyone,

I want to make sure I understood everything correctly.

I use zoom web SDK on my website. And I generate a JWT signature on my backend using the credentials from the SDK app created in the zoom marketplace.

The only thing that is depreciating is the JWT app type and not the JWT signature? Is that correct?

In the documentation here:

It is written:
"Q: What is being deprecated?

  • Meeting Web SDK apps that have not migrated to SDK + Oauth app type"

Does it mean the same as:
“Meeting Web SDK apps that have not migrated to SDK OR Oauth app type”

Thank you for your answers

Hi @kathrin ,

Yes that is correct. You will still be able to utilize SDK JWT credentials.


When will Server-to-Server OAuth be available for zoomgov.com?

Hey @ksks
I am trying to get more information on this for you.
I will come back with an update shortly.


It would be great if you can also explain why this change

Hi @ripul.ryu

You will find all the information related to this deprecation here:


Following up to see if there is answer for this yet, and also to ask if the JWT App Type will be deprecated at the same time for zoomgov.com.
Thank you,

Specifying the grant type of account_credentials with server-to-server OAuth gives me “unsupported grant type”. I can only get client_credentials to work. What might cause that?

hey @beirne feel free to follow along with this guide:

When will Server-to-Server OAuth be available for zoomgov.com ?

Hi @ksks
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
It will be available.
I do not have a specific Date for you but allow me ask to my team and will come back to you with an update shortly.


Hi @elisa.zoom

We are using this below API to join the call using JWT

With the JWT app deprecation/ switching to access token, what is the required scope to invoke this API?

Hi @djoy
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
As far as I know, all the Zoom Room endpoints will eventually be available using our Server to Server.
Let me confirm the estimated timeline with the team.

Another thing to note, that isn’t obvious and not in the documentation (yet), is that you may need to build an access token rotation system. Each time you request an access token for a particular token index (by default, you only get one), it invalidates the previous access token.

Thanks @david5 for bringing this into my attention. I am going to test this behavior.

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Thanks for you sharing your insight and contributing to the Zoom Developer Forum, @david5 !