JWT apps to be deprecated in favor of Server-to-Server OAuth

Following up to see if there is answer for this yet, and also to ask if the JWT App Type will be deprecated at the same time for zoomgov.com.
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Specifying the grant type of account_credentials with server-to-server OAuth gives me “unsupported grant type”. I can only get client_credentials to work. What might cause that?

hey @beirne feel free to follow along with this guide:

When will Server-to-Server OAuth be available for zoomgov.com ?

Hi @ksks
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
It will be available.
I do not have a specific Date for you but allow me ask to my team and will come back to you with an update shortly.


Hi @elisa.zoom

We are using this below API to join the call using JWT

With the JWT app deprecation/ switching to access token, what is the required scope to invoke this API?

Hi @djoy
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As far as I know, all the Zoom Room endpoints will eventually be available using our Server to Server.
Let me confirm the estimated timeline with the team.

Another thing to note, that isn’t obvious and not in the documentation (yet), is that you may need to build an access token rotation system. Each time you request an access token for a particular token index (by default, you only get one), it invalidates the previous access token.

Thanks @david5 for bringing this into my attention. I am going to test this behavior.

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Thanks for you sharing your insight and contributing to the Zoom Developer Forum, @david5 !

Following up on this:
When will Server-to-Server OAuth be available for zoomgov.com ?

Hi @ksks
I just reached out to some of my team members and will come back to you with an update shortly.

I am working with a customer who has created the server-to-server oauth app for his account, but his credentials get a 400 response

Is server-to-server oauth still not functional? Or is this because our fed moderate solution is considered a 3rd party app and that is not allowed yet?

Hi @michael.curran
Could you please open up a new topic describing your issue with details and we will take it from there!

Opened it here. Thank you!

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Will this server to server Oauth change effect how my organization uses SAML2.0 to authenticate with our IDP?

Is only JWT App type have been deprecated? In our case, we are using Meeting SDK for building mobile apps, but we are using JWT to initialise zoom SDK. Do we also need to migrate to Server-to-Server OAuth?

Hi @htec
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The only app that is going to be deprecated will be the JWT app type.
You will also need to change the credentials you use to initialize the zoom SDK if you are using the API key and secret from JWT

Hi Elisa,

Thank you for your welcome!
We are passing JWT token to Zoom Meeting SDK method inside ZoomSDKInitParams which is wrapped inside SDK

ZoomSDK sdk = ZoomSDK.getInstance();
sdk.initialize(Context, ZoomSDKInitializeListener, ZoomSDKInitParams)

Does it mean that we need to migrate?

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To confirm, are you passing the JWT token from your JWT Marketplace App? If yes, then you will need to migrate. The JWT app type will be deprecated June 1, 2023.

Here are migration resources for reference :

JWT App Type Deprecation FAQ


JWT app type migration guide


Or are you passing an SDK JWT token ? If yes, then you will NOT need to migrate.

Create a Meeting SDK App


Generate a Meeting SDK JWT


Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about this.