Server-to-Server Oauth for 3rd Party connections in Zoom Gov

We have a Fedramp Moderate application that we host, and we allow zoom integration with the application. However, we have only tested non Fed Moderate Zoom server-to-server oauth, and that works seamlessly. When following the same instructions at, and create and app with server-to-server oauth, plug in the Zoom App ID, Client ID and Client Secret – we get a 400 response and the authentication does not complete.

Is this a limitation of server-to-server oauth not being ready yet in zoomgov, or is this because we are a 3rd party app and the connection cannot be completed?

Hi @michael.curran
Thanks for reaching out!

May I ask you how are you generating the access token?
I can confirm that Server-to-Server OAuth app is available for Zoom for Gov, so the issue could be on the way you are generating your access token.

I looked into the Docs here and it looks like the base URL’s listed in this guide are not correct.

Could you please try replacing the URL with

Let me know if this helps.


I think that is the issue we are seeing. The connector was only built to use – because our devs used the docs you referenced and saw only the need for

The server-to-server oauth sets up the same, but we will need to design a new connector that is specifically for zoomgov.

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