Language Interpretation Function; Joining attendees

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
The Language Interpretation Function is not yet usable for our services. Currently when a participant arrives in the meeting they must choose the language they would like to listen to. However they are not prompted to select their language. It is not feasible to have a meeting with hundreds of participants who’s native language is not the Main speaker’s language, when you have to instruct each attendee how and where to select their language when they arrive.

Describe the solution you’d like
One of two solutions, or both.

  1. Every attendee is prompted to select their language when they arrive in the meeting/webinar
  2. Individual language links for each language are made available (like a panelist link for a webinar) only anyone clicking the “chinese” link arrives in the meeting/webinar on the chinese channel

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
We’ve considered training attendees before events and/or sending join instructions, but each one of these would have to be done in multiple languages and is still up for attendee error especially as they are already reading a long email for joining meetings and webinars. It’s currently far too effort intensive and unlikely to produce the desired results.

Additional context
We are extensive multilingual users of zoom since 2016.


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