Layout Switch Action


I would like to implement a button that switches between the spotlight view and the participants grid view (instead of swiping left and right)

Is there a method I can call in MeetingActivity that does this switch?



Hi Meir,

please take a look at MeetingSettingHelper class, there are some API calls you can utilize:

1. setSwitchVideoLayoutAccordingToUserCountEnabled(boolean enabled)

    Enable/disable to automatically to switch video layout mode between active video and gallery view based on count of users.

2. setSwitchVideoLayoutUserCountThreshold(int value)

    Set the user count threshold value used to automatically switch video layout.



Will this work while the user has already joined  the meeting or is it something that can be defined only before you join?


Hi Meir,

this works before user join the meeting. For in meeting, currently we support swipe.