Leave meeting sucess and error methods are not called

In our app users can leave meeting depending on some bussiness logic conditions so we user our buttons for leave and end meeting. In handling those actions we use ZoomMtg.leaveMeeting() and ZoomMtg.endMeeting().
We have such code in leave meeting method:
success: () => {
// some logic
error: err => {
// some logic
During testing we discovered the following behaviour:
If user joines audio and then press leave button, user actually leaves the meeting but neither success nor error method is called.
In all other “leave meeting” scenarios everything seems to be working correctly.

I tried to implement this in angular sample but those methods were not working

Could you please explain how it works and help to find out how to wait for callback to be called before we will be redirected to another page?

Hey @Sergey,

The endMeeting and leaveMeeting functions are for ending or leaving meetings, not for callbacks.

The inMeetingServiceListener function will be available in 1.8.0 for callbacks.