List all users recorded meetings

I’m trying to list all of a users recorded meetings using the REST api -{userId}/recordings?from=string&to=string

When I set the from date to somethig like 1/1/2017 and the end to the current date, the API only returns 30 days worth of resutls.

How can i return more than 30 days of data? Looking at My Recordings on the web portal, I’m able to see all of my meetings, but I need to do that using the API for others accounts.

Hi Stephen,

With our APIs, you can only return 30 days of data at a time. 


Has there been any workaround added for this since @stephen opened this ticket in 2018 ? I’m also trying to access recordings that are over a month old and am running into the same issue.

For anyone else with issue, my solution was something like this:

n = number_months_between_start_and_end_dates
count = 0
start = "month to start"
end = "month to end"
all_recs = []
while count < n:
    result = api.get(endpoint)
    count += 1
    # increment start and end by 1 month and 1 day (extra day to avoid overlap)

Hey @nate123,

You can access recordings up to 6 months ago, you just have to request them in 1 month intervals.