List Meeting Registrants response no longer includes next_page_token

I used to be able to paginate through all meeting registrants using next_page_token, but for some reason next_page_token is no longer included in the response so I’m only getting the first page of registrants. It stopped working sometime in the past few days.

next_page_token not included in List Meeting Registrants response.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Here is the request (copied from Postman):

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer redacted'

And the response:

    "page_count": 12,
    "page_number": 1,
    "page_size": 30,
    "total_records": 338,
    "registrants": [removed for brevity]

As you can see there isn’t next_page_token even though there are 12 pages. This seems like a bug as the documentation still says it should be part of the response.

Hi @chris.ota

Thanks for sharing this with us.
Could you please confirm if you are still experiencing this behavior?

Hi @elisa.zoom, yes this is happening now.

Hi @chris.ota

Thanks for the prompt reply. This is for sure something that we need to investigate further.
Could you please open a support ticket here:


Okay Elisa, I’ve submitted a support ticket.

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Thanks so much! happy to hear that!
We will take it from there! @chris.ota

Hi @elisa.zoom,

After submitting the ticket (#14045610) I haven’t received any help at all. The support person said the issue would be escalated but nobody has gotten back to me since then, and that was days ago. Can you help please?

Hi @chris.ota
Thanks for reaching out again! I just found the ticket and I will take it from there! :slight_smile:

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