Local Storage sync issue

In our Zoom app, we have a login form where users can log in, and upon successful login, we store the refresh token in the local storage. This refresh token is utilized to obtain new access tokens for making API calls to our system when necessary, such as upon a page refresh or after a certain time period.

However, a problem arises when we start a meeting. The access token that was saved in the main context during the login process does not synchronize with the in-meeting client. As a result, when our app is opened within the in-meeting context, it requests the user to log in again to our website because the refresh token is not available in the local storage.

It’s important to note that local storage is typically synchronised across all browser windows if the domain is the same. However, in the specific scenario of the in-meeting context, the synchronisation doesn’t occur as expected, leading to the unavailability of the refresh token and the subsequent login prompt.

Please assist thanks