Location Sharing in Zoom Apps

I see that navigator.geolocation is defined, but navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition is automatically denied.

Is it intentional that the Zoom App browser does not allow for sharing location (it’s the same behavior for both Windows and Mac, so I imagine the answer will be the same for both), or is there a way to enable this in that environment?

Thanks Greg. Yes, this is intentional and consistent with Zoom’s policies around respecting user data. You’re welcome to suggest this as a feature of the Zoom Apps platform if you like

Thanks @JonStewart: would it be possible for you guys to automatically disable navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition (i.e. set it to undefined) similar to what’s done with (navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia) ?

The lack of support for geo-location is undocumented right now, but disabling makes it pretty clear.

Hi, @greyoung,

Great suggestion, please submit a feature request here: Feedback - Zoom