Meeting SDK Failed to join meeting (Error Code: 4003 Invalid Parameter)


I had actually integrated the Meeting SDK with my Angular application. I followed the code from this link: GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-angular-sample: Use the Zoom Meeting SDK in Angular, which states that it is required to set up the authEndpoint. Therefore, I set up the authEndpoint using Express and NodeJs. However, whenever I tried to join the meeting, it pop up ‘Fail to join the meeting’. Kindly appreciate any assistance on what parameter is missing or invalid.

Browser console error:
{type: ‘JOIN_MEETING_FAILED’, reason: ‘Invalid Parameter’, errorCode: 4003}

Code Snippets Angular:
getSignature() {, {
meetingNumber: this.meetingNumber,
role: this.role
}).toPromise().then((data: any) => {
if (data.signature) {
} else {
}).catch((error) => {

startMeeting(signature) {
signature: signature,
sdkKey: this.sdkKey,
meetingNumber: this.meetingNumber,
password: this.passWord,
userName: this.userName

Code Snippet Node JS:‘/zoom/signature’, (req, res) => {
const iat = Math.round(new Date().getTime() / 1000) - 30;
const exp = iat + 60 * 60 * 2;
const oHeader = { alg: ‘HS256’, type: ‘JWT’ };
const oPayload = {
sdkKey: config.ZOOM.MEETING_SDK_KEY,
mn: req.body.meetingNumber,
role: req.body.role,
iat: iat,
exp: exp,
appKey: config.ZOOM.MEETING_SDK_KEY,
tokenExp: iat + 60 * 60 * 2
const sHeader = JSON.stringify(oHeader);
const sPayload = JSON.stringify(oPayload);
const signature = KJUR.jws.JWS.sign(‘HS256’, sHeader, sPayload, config.ZOOM.MEETING_SDK_SECRET);
signature: signature

are you able to share your JWT token here? An expired one will do fine as well.

Hi, does anyone have solution to this, Im still stuck on this issue :cry:

check your created signature here

and perhaps have a look into this thread → first try the CDN example and if this works go forward

I have checked my jwt signature from, it seems to me that the payload and header is already correct. Here is my signature:


I have also tried the local cdn method, however upon joining the meeting, it pops up this error:

Thanks for helping btw :slight_smile:

did you create your Meeting SDK App after Feb 11, 2023?

if yes - use " Client ID" & “Client Secret”
if no - use “SDK Key” &" SDK Secret"