Meeting SDK Version 5.9.1

Hello Zoom developer community!

We’re happy to announce that the second 5.9.1 release of the Meeting SDK has been published for the following platforms (see each platform for a link to the full release notes):


Hi there! thanks for the update.

I want to customizeUI in iOS application and add share screen cell in share content section just like zoom native app on appStore but I can’t find tutorial and methods in SDK.

I’ve seen zoom docs for android and macOS and there were possible for customizing UI
but not in iOS SDK.

this is android link

and strangely i found link for iOS in docs

but link is not working as you see!

is there any possibility to customize share UI in iOS SDK right now or it will be added soon?
I need this functionality in my application

by the way I added broadcasting extension and it is working fine thanks for that :blush:
appreciate if you answer

Hi @1995omiddk, thanks for using the dev forum.

For help with any platform-specific issues, please post in the relevant category of the dev forum. For example, the #mobile-meeting-sdk:ios category would be the best place to post to for help with the iOS Meeting SDK. :slightly_smiling_face:


wow Amazing thanks Appreciated your efforts

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