MeetingSDK audio codec

I’m using the MeetingSDK(Android)
Please answer the following questions.
・What audio codec is the SDK using?
・What are the default settings?
・Is it possible to change with API of SDK?

Hi @akio ,

It is not possible to change the audio codec of meeting SDK at this point in time.

Thanks for your replay.
Is the codec using in the SDK opus like the link below?

Hi Akio,
Hope so you’re doing good this afternoon, the Zoom MeetingSDK for Android uses the Opus audio codec for audio transmission during meetings. Default audio settings in the SDK are typically configured to provide a good balance between audio quality and network efficiency. These settings may vary depending on the specific version of the SDK you are using. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the Zoom MeetingSDK for Android does not provide a direct API to change the audio codec settings. The SDK is designed to use the Opus audio codec by default, and there is no built-in method to switch to a different codec through the SDK’s API.
Hope so this will help you!
Bryce June

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