Mixed Media type "Cue List" or playback share sheet native to Zoom sharing

Need for easy to use, easy to organize Media Share List that supports more than video, but also still media in full screen with no control overlays, cursor movements or borders.

Ability to create an organized folder of mixed media types, video, images, audio, that can be shared and played natively in zoom at the highest quality, as a simple play list with simple start/stop/pause play list controls and automatic advance to the next media or any media in the list when play is selected. Once the share is started, controls for the playlist would remain visible, and a separate always on top “windowed” media window would appear displaying the media being shared as a “confidence monitor”. Alternatively, a second display could be selected for the full screen media display, while the controls remain on the primary screen.

Often in zoom meeting presentations, there is a need to display media content in a variety of forms; audio, video, images, etc.

Audio Video support persons may have limited training and variety of operating systems with single to multiple screens. This places a challenge to have high quality seamless presentations that are consistent.

Broadcast quality programs are quite expensive and are often OS platform dependent. Qlab, MITTI, PlayBackPro are all great examples but mostly out of reach for the purpose of a high quality zoom presentation. OnlyM is really great example of a simple well working Media Cue List, simple and free, but only works on Windows 10 and doesn’t take advantage of the built in Zoom video encoding.

In all cases, external Applications are required and complicate quickly navigating between media during a share without seeing media controls overlays, cursors movements, borders, and other distractions.

Build this functionality into Zoom, building on the already built-in video encoding engine to include other formats such as .jpg, .png, .mp3, and other common audio, video, image, and still picture formats.

Create a “cue list” option to allow pre-building a mixed media list in a folder or within a zoom application. When sharing, a new option would be available, perhaps — “Share Cue List” or “Share Mixed Media List” which can be pre-pointed to the prepared media folder. During an active share, media could be toggled between with a cross fade without stopping and starting the share. A permanent backdrop image to the share could be set for when no media is playing during a share or a default black screen. See Objective, above, for additional details.

Consistent high quality presentations built directly into zoom, lowering dependency on outside programs, experience, and OS dependancies.

Development time and resources

Commit resources to this highly desired and highly needed solution to extend Zoom functionality into the high quality presentation and broadcasting space of regular people.