Need to implement OAuth authentication using iOS SDK

Hi team,

I hope that I’ve not repeated anyones request. The problem that I’m facing is that at the momet releated to OAuth authentication in the iOS app that I’m creating at the moment. I’ve successfully integrated a SDK in my app but now struggling with user authentication (to have the ability to create meetings for example).

So my question is the following. What is the proper way to have OAuth authentication in iOS app using Zoom SDK. The main issue that I’m facing is that redirations to iOS internal URL schemas using Zoom authentication page fail with error - Invalid request. Do you have an example somewhere, because in the tutorial all values are skipped and no rules provided.

Server-to-server authentication doesn’t work for me due to third-party application support requirenments. JWT will be depriciated in a year. Could you please advice on how I should proceed or share an example of so I can learn from it.

Thank you!

Hi @neoformalex , only the JWT App type will be deprecated, not JWT tokens so you can generate a JWT with your SDK credentials.

For OAuth, you need to use a custom url scheme outlined here.

Please let me know if this clears things up!

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