.NET C# TokenOAuth

I am trying to connect ZOOM Api with one of the custom application I am working on which is based on MVC .NET C#. I am looking into the API documentation and I am little confused about how token works for oAuth. I see we need to update token every hour or so, which is fine, but the process for generating token is what got me confused. For token we need a code and that code is generated by a link. I can test it fine and generate tokens easily from the site but how do you do it from the code.

Documentation suggest calling this for token


which needs code, can be generated from this page


But if I go through API on code, it will redirect to the url and don’t pass us the code.

Any idea on this?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
OAuth Token

Hey @pbhandari1s,

If you are not intending to distribute this integration outside of your Zoom account, you can use a JWT App and JWT Tokens to call the Zoom APIs.

If you are intending to distribute the integration, please follow the OAuth guide:


I am sorry but the question was different. I already looked into the documentation and was confused about how you get the token to be used in the application. Is there any way you can help other than just referencing to the document which I have already looked at? I would really appreciate any help.

Hi @pbhandari1s, the authorization code you’re looking for is passed to you as a parameter of the redirect URL. Are you not receiving this?

There’s a sample of this process in our OAuth sample app (although it is Nodejs)