New developer documentation launched

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New docs, feedback needed!

Hey folks, if you head to, you’ll see a visual refresh and rebuild of our developer documentation. This initial step starts a plan to improve the experience and utility of our docs, with a lot more to come over the next … year? I’m not sure. We’ve got a lot we want to do and are in it for the long haul.

Initial changes

In this first iteration, we’ve updated styling, unified the navigation, and provided product context within docs as you’re building. The site should also feel noticeably faster.

In the changes you see today, we’ve introduced the following:

  • a primary & sub-navigation bar
  • a unified search (we want to improve this even more!)
  • a feedback mechanism on each page

New sections of the site:

Developer docs have now been split into two sections (“Build” and “Distribute”) to match the separate modes of thinking when you are developing or working on getting your app to your users.

Build includes docs for when you’re developing the app. Distribute has the docs for when you’re working on getting it approved, authorized, or in someone’s hands.

Changes from previous URLs:

Most, if not all, of the previous URLs have changed. We know this can be disruptive, but our platform has changed significantly over the last few years. We’ve done our best to redirect most previous pages dynamically. If you’re looking for something and need help finding it, let us know, we need the feedback!

What we’re still working on:

As we continue iterating, we’ll be working on the following enhancements (this isn’t a committed timeline, some of this might change):

  • We want to make our API references easier and cleaner to navigate
  • Search on the site is noticeably better, but we think it can be improved even more with embedded integration into the site
  • Developer guides and tutorials embedded in their own home alongside docs
  • Access to information on updates, communications, and changelog posts can be made more discoverable within docs.

We need your feedback

Please drop any suggestions, issues, bugs, or improvements you’d like to see here on this thread. We’re working on iterating through an overhaul. If you have feedback, drop it on the specific page (bottom of the page: “Was this content helpful?”) or in this thread.


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The hyperlink of the Email address display rules on user_email field description points the wrong link. Moreover, most of the hyperlink points out the wrong link, such as double encode or rate limit label, and so on.

I write down the issues here because there are no buttons, Was this content helpful? on that document page. I hope it might be helpful!

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Wow, great catch, thank you so much @0417taehyun :handshake: :bowing_man:

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Can you add documentation about token_index (for server-to-server oauth)?

  1. when increasing the token_index: what are we requesting? is it on a per app basis? per account?

  2. how do we guarantee/invoke the token_index, e.g., development uses 1, preprod uses 2, prod uses 3?

  3. how do we request increasing the token_index?

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