New Meeting Agenda Line Breaks


I am working with creating new meetings using the API and need some help on line returns for the agenda field. No mater what, the line returns do not get processed regardless of how I am sending them (using \n). If you have had success creating line returns in the agenda of a meeting via the API, can you please give some tips?


Hi @joedone, are you able to use line breaks when scheduling meetings through the web portal, not the API? This may be expected behavior


Yes, on the web portal you can put line breaks in by hitting enter/return for the agenda textarea.

Can’t figure out how to mimic that via the API for new meetings.


Hey @joedone,

Can you please provide your request body JSON so I can reproduce the issue?


I actually got it too work! It was PHP and the JSON_ENCODE was making \r\n \r\n so I just built my own line break handler for this as a temp solution.


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Happy to hear you got it working! Thanks for sharing your solution! :slight_smile:


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