New SDK crashes the app during init zoom

I decided to migrate to the new version of SDK that has been recently released, but it appears to be crashing the app when I initialize Zoom.
I get the following stack trace:
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No static method aes256SivTemplate()Lcom/google/crypto/tink/KeyTemplate; in class Lcom/google/crypto/tink/daead/AesSivKeyManager; or its super classes (declaration of ‘’ appears in /data/app/~~2ISnXL5UTfv9UlMhCZH7Ng==/com.myapp–he9Y2QJT03ICnNANw9acg==/base.apk)
at com.zipow.videobox.util.ZMEncryptedSharedPreferences$PrefKeyEncryptionScheme.(
at com.zipow.videobox.util.PreferenceUtil.getSharedPreferences(
at com.zipow.videobox.util.PreferenceUtil.readStringValue(
at org.webrtc.voiceengine.VoiceEngineCompat.selectAudioDeviceAPIType(
at org.webrtc.voiceengine.VoiceEngineCompat.isBluetoothScoSupported(
at com.zipow.videobox.VideoBoxApplication.onSDKCreated(
at com.zipow.videobox.VideoBoxApplication.initializeForSDK(
at us.zoom.sdk.ZoomSDK.initialize(

Which Android Client SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Don’t really know what are the steps. I’m already using Google’s Tink library version 1.2.2 in the project.

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Pixel 3a
  • OS: Android 11

Hi @ederevyanko Please add correct dependencies according to build.gradle file in mobilertc folder.

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Hi, Donny,

I’ll give it a whirl, thanks.

It, did help, thanks!

Glad to hear it’s working properly now!

Please don’t hesitate to reach back out with a new post if you encounter any other issues with the SDK. :slightly_smiling_face:

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