Not able to create user

I am using the free zoom account with mail email “”. And I am not able to create user using the following code:
var Zoom = require(“zoomus”)({
key : “”,
secret : “”

var user = {
  email: "",
  type: 1

Zoom.user.create(user, function(res){
      console.log("res.error", res)
    } else {  

It give me error as:
{ code: 200, message: ‘No privilege.’ }

As I don’t find any permission API or Option on my Account profile.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
I am using JWT App

I refer following url for development:

So Please Help me, How can I set the permission/privilege to create user in zoom.

Thanks in Advance

Hey @ankit.bajaj,

Please see the answer to your question here: